Patient's Rights

For a printable copy of EAMC’s Patient Rights and Responsibilities, click here.

East Alabama Medical Center, its physicians, nurses and support staff assure you (the patient) the right:

Patient's Responsibilities

East Alabama Medical Center requests the cooperation of its patients to ensure individualized, quality patient care. We encourage you to participate in the course of your treatment by making your needs and concerns known to the professionals rendering care and treatment. Before you consent to treatment, be sure to ask any questions you may have about your diagnosis, treatment, or procedure proposed, the risks, if any, and the anticipated outcome. We believe an informed patient is a secure patient.

It is your (the patient's) responsibility:

How to Report a Concern or Complaint

If, during the course of your stay at East Alabama Medical Center, there is a question, concern, grievance or complaint that you or your family wishes to share regarding care, treatment, services, or patient safety, simply speak up and it will be investigated and addressed. You can report the concern, without fear of reprisal, by any of the following ways: