Cancer Registry

Wendy Richardson, Cancer Registry Coordinator

The Cancer Registry at the Cancer Center of East Alabama collects data on all cancer patients diagnosed and/or treated at East Alabama Medical Center. Diagnostic, therapeutic and outcome statistics are collected and evaluated in a database that provides easy access to information. The Cancer Registry is supervised by the Cancer Committee to ensure compliance with the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer for a Community Hospital Cancer Program.

The Cancer Registry participates with the National Cancer Data Base and submits to the Alabama Statewide Cancer Registry for Cancer Statistics. The Cancer Registry continues to provide lifetime follow-up on all cancer patients accessioned into the Registry. The information, including disease status, treatment and mortality information, keeps physicians informed on patients’ status.

The Cancer Registry also coordinates the Cancer Conferences, which are held twice a month. Cancer cases are presented for consultative or educational purposes. Physicians may receive continuing medical education (CME) credits for participation. For more information on the Cancer Registry or Cancer Conferences, call 334-528-2584.

Cancer Center of East Alabama Annual Reports