Your First Appointment

Trevis D. Hawkins, RN, BSN, MBA Director, Medical Oncology

Today you are here for a consultation with one of our physicians. You may be a little anxious, not knowing what to expect and who you will meet. We at the Cancer Center want to put you at ease and make this experience as pleasant for you and your family as possible. After you sign in and meet with a member of our registration team, this is what you can expect.

When a room becomes available, a nurse will step into the lobby and call your last name. You will be escorted through the double doors where the nurse may then obtain your vital signs, measure your height and weight, and talk to you about your home medications. The nurse may also draw any labwork that may be ordered. You are now ready to see your physician. The nurse will escort you and your family to an exam room or to the conference room.

Though we strive to make sure you see your physician within a few minutes of your appointment, this may not always occur. Please feel free to enjoy some of our amenities such as fresh coffee, cool water, television, and a wide selection of current magazines. We apologize for the delay.

You may have noticed that some patients have arrived for their appointments after you and they have already gone back to the treatment area. This is because these patients may be at a different stage of their treatment or may report to a different area of the Center such as cat scan, the Infusion Center, or radiation therapy. Your time is valuable and be assured that we have not forgotten you.

We hope that this day and every day is a good one here at the Cancer Center. Please contact me (334-528-1077) or any of the Cancer Center team members if you have any questions or needs during this time. Thank you.


Trevis D. Hawkins, RN, BSN, MBA
Director, Medical Oncology

Your First Appointment

Your First Appointment

We want to make your first visit to the Center as comfortable as possible. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can help reduce any anxiety. Click here for driving directions. You may park in the lot near the entrance to the Cancer Center. Wheelchairs are available and can be found in our front lobby.

What to Expect:

  1. When you arrive at the Cancer Center, please check in with the scheduler to the left as you enter the building. The scheduler will provide you a questionnaire to complete and provide further instructions. The completed questionnaire is given to the registration staff, located to the far right as you enter the building. The registration representative will copy your insurance cards and a photo ID and have you sign any required forms. This will complete the registration process. Click here if you would like to complete the questionnaire ahead of time.
  2. Following this, a nurse or medical assistant will take you to one of our exam rooms and go over your medical history and medications.
  3. You will meet with your physician who will go over your medical history and, in some cases, do a physical exam.
  4. Your first appointment will be longer than your following appointments, perhaps lasting one or more hours. Due to the volume of information to be shared, you are strongly encouraged to bring a family member or friend with you. This gives you a “second set of ears” and provides you and your loved ones the opportunity to ask questions of your care team.
  5. We’re committed to our patients, and that means we will be here for you each step of the way. You will make new friendships as you become familiar with our staff, other patients, our volunteers and the many services offered at the Cancer Center of East Alabama.

What to bring with you to your first appointment:

Click here if you would like to complete the questionnaire ahead of time. Then complete it and bring it with your other items to your appointment.

We will need several records from your referring physician in order to make sure that your Cancer Center team has the information they need to develop your treatment plan.

These items include:

If you have questions or concerns, please call the Cancer Center at 334-528-1070.